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Category: Power Kites
Brand: Cape Kites

Impluse 80cm

Product Detail

Size: 0.8m
Weight: 63 grams
Lines: 2 X 25m 23kg Dacron
Speed: 5/10
Precision: 5/10
Freestyle: 0/10
Power: 3/10
Wind Range: 5-20km/h

NB! Please note that if you crash the kite nose into the ground you will quite likely
damage the ribs or brake the stitching on the top and bottom skin.
When learning to fly a power kite, take care not to fly in very strong winds. We recommend 5
to 10 km/hour winds for beginners.
20km with the 90kg line and if you want more power 20-25 km wind speed with 110kg line.
Remember the higher the wind speed the faster the kite and the greater the damaged if crashed.
We do offer repairs.

Product Dimensions

Product Options

R 133,00
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