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Category: Power Kites
Brand: Cape Kites

Velocity II

Product Detail

Velocity II is the name for our brand new range of power kites. When designing the new kite, the Wallend-Air team wanted to reduce the amount of rigging lines (drag) so the kite could have more performance.

  We  wanted to create a wing that would stand out from the rest of power kites by its shape, design and that was built in South Africa.  After making different proto types and many hours of test flying, we have finalised our design and are excited to present a kite for all, big or small.

The Velocity II range starts @  1.6m SOLD OUT, 2.1m SOLD OUT, 2.5m SOLD OUT, and 3.3m. 

We have managed to reduce the lines by half compared to our Vortex range, making this kite more affordable. We believe  there is a kite for every person to have fun with. For the power hungry we offer different different sizes and flying line lengths between 20m – 25m depending on the power you want from the kite. This is an all round kite to fly which will give you hours of flying enjoyment.   


All of our power kites are designed and manufactures at our little factory in Cape Town by our dedicated team.
TO ORDER please send a mail to as the online ordering system is not active.

Product Dimensions

Product Options

R 2 450,00
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